So long, 2017.

So, there's only a week left of 2017. Which is, incredibly weird, if I'm honest. This year seems to have gone so fast in places, and then so slow in others. I feel like so much has happened this year. A lot of good, but also a lot of bad. Emotionally I feel like I've been... Continue Reading →


Me Too.

It's terrifying now, that alongside memes or dumb daily insights, Twitter and other social media platforms have become a hub for people to speak out about harassment and assault experiences. Things like this shouldn't be seen as a normal or daily occurrence. Those Tweets should shock us, shake us to our very core, but it... Continue Reading →


You're allowed to depend on people, and people can depend on you too. But what if the person you depended on, was hurting you, without you even realising until you'd left the situation. You didn't realise how bad it was, until you were looking back on everything. Now, I'm an independent person. I love my time... Continue Reading →

Put yourself first.

Never make yourself feel like nothing, to make someone else feel like everything. I have realised lately, that I spend too much of my time walking on eggshells. I will back out of doing certain things, talking to certain people, just to keep others happy. I have a fear of hurting someone else, and I... Continue Reading →


  Happiness is something I've always had trouble with. I can pinpoint negative times in my life, but have trouble remembering the happiest times, the times that are worth thinking about. I'd grown accustomed to being negative, I'd try to find the negative in anything, in anyone. I can remember being down, taking things to... Continue Reading →

You are loved.

You are loved. I know sometimes it doesn't feel that way. I know what it's like to feel like it's you against the world, and that the world is winning. I know how it can be to be surrounded by familiar faces, and wonder if you're even cared about. It's a very difficult feeling to... Continue Reading →


For the past couple of weeks, I've woken up wondering if I should dwell on something I know I can probably never change, no matter how much I want to, or just brush it all under the carpet, and try and carry on like a normal functioning human being. So, how do you get over... Continue Reading →

Feeling Lost.

It's not hard to feel lost. Now, I'm not talking about the kind of lost where you're stood in the middle of a supermarket, unsure of where the bread is. I mean the kind of lost, where even when you're in a place you've been to a hundred times, something just doesn't feel right, where... Continue Reading →

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